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By nature the field of Applied Sciences is very broad and our range of research activity reflects this.

Our interests are pursued by small groups that have committed many years to a subject and at the other end of the spectrum we're responding to innovations in the field as they happen.

As an institution we are strongly engaged in helping to ensure the future employability of our students and our applied areas of research are just another way that we continue to forge good industry links.

Themes and Groups

Our key research groups provide further information about our core research activity:

  • Biofuels
  • Explosions and Fires/Safety Engineering
  • Food Processing
  • Food Product Development
  • Sports, Exercise Science and Nutrition

For additional interest areas within the department, visit:

  • Ecology and Ecotoxicology
  • London Food Centre
  • Water Structure and Science

Research Opportunities

The wide range of research activities in the Faculty, together with the mix of academic staff, post-doctoral research fellows and visiting professors, allows us to offer a stimulating and diverse Postgraduate environment.

Research is mainly carried out at our many research centres or groups based within the Faculty. Most of our academic staff belong to 1 or more of these and research students can expect to join a small team working on particular problems.