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Qualifications in the property and surveying industries can lead to a wide range of careers. Many of our past and current students hold key positions in their organisations and professional bodies, often as senior managers and business owners.

Surveying Careers

Our surveying graduates are open to a wide range of careers including professional consultancy offices, government departments, building control, building management and project management.

If you're interested in property management you could find yourself working in building control, private and social housing, or the maintaining and management of public, private, commercial and residential buildings.

Thinking of pursing a career in commercial or construction management could find you working in a construction or specialist firm. There, your sound technical knowledge will be put together with general and project management skills to ensure professional managers are well placed to lead multidisciplinary teams to deliver many of the country's high profile projects.

Architectural Technologists are specialists in the science of architecture, building design and construction. They typically work in building design and construction management teams, working closely with architects.

Architecture Careers

All over the world architects are involved in creating buildings for homes, offices, factories and social venues. Architects not only design innovative new structures but work to conserve and restore existing ones, have roles within urban planning and use their talents to predict and control the environment.