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Collaborations and Partners

At Bransfield we highly prize our collaborations and partnerships. They are important for enhancing our student experience and we firmly believe in the benefits they bring to our institution.

We put our energies into developing both academic and business partnerships.

Our academic collaborative partnerships create joint educational initiatives where study programmes are designed, delivered and/or validated by Bransfield in partnership with one or more institutions, e.g. a Further Education College.

Our collaborations and partnerships with business create mutally beneficial alliances that give us great benefits. We gain the know-how and practical experience that the commercial world can offer whilst businesses access the skills and expertise that exists within the University.

Academic Collaborations

Through our academic partnerships in the UK and overseas we offer a diverse range of courses in some inspiring locations.

These important partnerships build on the existing expertise you'll find at this university and give our students an extra enriching dimension to their studies.