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Deciding on a Career

"So, where do you see yourself in five years...?"

At some time or other in your life an interviewer is going to ask you this question. It is a question most people have a problem answering because your response will depend on the skills and experience you hope to have gained by then.

If you are just completing your A-Levels then we hope your answer will be something like "I see myself completing a graduate recruitment programme in the IT industry after successfully studying for a degree at the School of Computing". We also believe we have the courses and teaching experience required to make this happen.

At 16-18 not many students have a 5 year career plan. They aren't paramount at this stage. If, however, you have already decided that a career in Information Technology is for you then this section might help you decide what type of work you want to be doing and in which type of business sector.

Ten areas of IT are discussed by professionals already working in the industry. You can also check the list of Job Titles to see what these people actually do. Armed with this information you might better decide which of our courses you wish to enrol on. Listed after each section is a selection of courses which have been designed to fulfil the skill requirements of that business sector.

You might expect that a career in Information Technology would revolve around expertise in programming languages but looking atthe skills required for many of these professions reveals that the so-called transferable skills are just as important: team working, inter-personal skills, problem solving, analytical work and presentation skills.

These form an integral part of all of our degree programmes. Of course, you will also have the chance to try out and refine these skills during your placement year. This is a year during your degree when you will be based at a real company, engaged in real world projects and gaining the real experience that so many employers now insist on.

Whatever you choose to do in the future we wish you every success with it.