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Development and Growth

Bransfield provides practical, applied solutions to meet the needs of business. From developing a new product to making improvements to existing processes, the university has a wealth of resources to support you. We have campuses in London, and a dedicated team of business development managers who work across the region and beyond to facilitate links with our commercial clients.

Collaborative Research and Consultancy

Bransfield works with many external organisations, both commercial and public sector, to give access to new and emerging knowledge and technologies. Our experts also offer consultancy across many sectors. Recent examples include:

  • Allergy Therapeutics - developing pharmaceutical vaccine products

  • Biocompatibles - developing polymer-based drug delivery systems for the treatment of cancer

  • Bowers & Wilkins - pushing the boundaries of speaker design

  • Easidream - pilot operational trials for prototype baby product

In some cases, funding may be available from a variety of local, regional, national and international sources, which can be investigated on a case by case basis. The university's business development team will be able to help with identifying these sources.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) bring together a company, university experts and a high-calibre graduate working on a project of strategic significance to the business with two-thirds of the cost of the programme funded by a grant. Typically, KTPs last up to two years. Past and current projects have included optimising manufacturing processes, definition and implementation of new retail business strategy and the identification of scientific and business competences which can be leveraged for new niche products and markets. Please see some of our case studies for more examples.

  • Grays International design and manufacture of elite sports equipment

  • Plastipack - new environmental properties for water coverings materials

  • Rick Stein Padstow based retail businesses