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There is a broad range of career options available to you when you've studied electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical engineering or design. The roles are very varied and you could work in a range of industries.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Because of the diversity of directions on offer from studying in this field you could find yourself working in:

  • Electronic Systems Design, Commissioning and Maintenance
  • Project Engineering
  • Automatic Control and Instrumentation, Robotics
  • Technical Liaison and Support, Marketing and Management
  • Micro and Molecular Electronics and Electronic Materials
  • Electronic Equipment Development and Manufacturing
  • Development Engineering in Public Services and Manufacturing

You could work at any stage in the development of new products and services, from fundamental research through to design and development; project planning and management; production and commissioning, to maintenance management. Our industries include telecommunications, electronic design, robotics, manufacturing, website design, process control, energy distribution, public transport infrastructure, consultancy and building services.

Mechanical Engineering

Covering a broad range of careers, our graduates have the skills to enter a diverse selection of fields including:

  • Automotive Industries
  • Robotics
  • Transport Systems
  • Manufacturing and Design
  • IT
  • Research and Education

Our specialist training will give you transferable skills that will fit easily into the world of work.


Making a product desirable and attractive involves more than taking a developed product and thinking about whether it looks good, feels right and is user-friendly. To make a product successful and profitable you need the skills of an industrial designer who has been involved with the product since its conceptual stages.

Our product design graduates find roles in all areas of 3D design including toy, exhibition and product design and opportunities are also available in the field of consultancy. You will also find a number of related employment areas have need for product design graduates and these include advertising, marketing, web design and graphic design.