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Our multidisciplinary approach to research cuts across all schools and faculties. Our researchers are making significant contributions to social, cultural, economic and environmental wellbeing across a broad range of work, from the arts, humanities and social sciences to the physical and life sciences, technology and engineering.

The university's research partners are drawn from across the globe and the UK as well as from the local region, underlying how important our role is in the community. These activities involve public sector collaborations, from the NHS to the European Union, work with international companies, such as Ricardos, start-ups as well as charities.

Our research has been translated into practical applications, transforming lives and making a real impact on society. This includes an innovative business scheme for well-known small and medium-sized enterprises and new methods of teaching children. It is clear that considerable intellectual and creative capital is at work across our university. This will be further enhanced and disseminated through the university's new research strategy.