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School of Social and Policy Studies

We have a strong national and international reputation in our main fields of Sociology, Criminology, Politics, and Development Studies. Our work is seen as intellectually ground-breaking in equality, criminality, race, sexuality, media and politics and international development. Our teaching focuses on current issues and our students are engaged with the urgent social and political challenges of today.

Subjects include sustainability, war, green criminology, international politics, media and politics, and drugs. We are intellectually innovative and our academic and research activities help shape debates and contribute to the building of stronger, cleaner and fairer communities.

Our Strengths

We work hard to ensure our students receive a teaching and learning experience of the highest quality and one that is suitable to and supportive of their different experiences.

Excellent Record

Our committed staffs have an excellent record of student support and teaching, using both human and technological interfaces. We maintain this record by supporting and developing our staff, using a collaborative approach to departmental management and planning which maximises innovation and the sharing of expertise. We are also committed to supporting staff research and collaborative activities to enhance our diverse and up-to-date curriculum.

We actively seek and act on our students' feedback via our responsive quality systems. This enables us to optimise our students' learning experience and levels of achievement.

High Quality Courses

Our diverse and high-quality portfolio of undergraduate and postgraduate courses includes: International Politics, Sociology, Social Policy, European Policy Studies, Childhood and Family Studies, Criminology, Development Studies, Refugee Studies and Social Research Methods.

Wide Range of Contacts

We actively work to achieve and increase our wide-ranging contacts at local, national and international levels and colleagues are linked to work in Germany, France, the USA, China and the wider world. We develop training and research relevant to the local community and local employers, with 'employability' embedded in the curriculum.

Innovative Teaching and Learning

Our vision is to provide an excellent standard of teaching and learning in Sociology, Politics, Criminology and Development Studies at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Our teaching is built on a foundation of our staffs' well-known, diverse, innovative and high-quality research. Our priority is to enable students to achieve their intellectual, academic and professional potential, and in so doing serve not only their own best interests, but those of their employers and the local, national and international economy and community.