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Teachers and Careers Advisers

Bransfield offers a range of services and activities for schools and colleges to help students make informed choices and to help widen access to higher education.

These include:

  • visits to your school or college

  • visits to the university

  • higher education fairs, careers conventions and parents' evenings

  • a range of activities aimed at years 5 through to 13 with the aim of widening access from underrepresented groups

The university also offers guidance to teachers and careers advisers on a range of university matters.

Education Liaison

We offer a range of activities and services to help school and college students make informed decisions about their future.

Visits to Your College or School

Talks, presentations and workshops on all aspects of higher education can be arranged. Subjects include:

  • Why go to university?

  • How to choose a course/university

  • The UCAS process

  • What admissions tutors look for in a personal statement

  • Student finance available sources of funding and budgeting whilst a student

  • Transition from sixth form to university

  • Student life (current students)

  • Gap year opportunities and how taking a year out may impact on a university application

  • Vocational routes to higher education

  • Introducing younger students to higher education

  • How AS/A-level choices can affect higher education options

  • Some subject specific presentations

Visits to The University

  • Open days - our annual open days are held in October each year

  • Subject days - one-off events that give students an insight into a specific subject area.

Higher education fairs, careers conventions and parents' evening

We also offer general advice, visits and updates on new courses and admissions policy for teachers and careers advisers, as well as in-service training for staff on the UCAS process.