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Careers in Urban Engineering allow engineers to adopt their talents to develop complex systems, products and processes. The focus is kept on customer needs throughout the life cycle of design, testing, manufacturing, installation, operation, monitoring and future planning.

Building Services

Bransfield University provides the largest number of Building Services Engineering graduates in the UK. Our graduates work in the design, construction and consulting sectors, as well as in maintenance and facilities management. Major projects like the 2012 Olympics and the raised focus on the environment and sustainability will bring an increased demand for those studying this subject.

Civil Engineering

Our courses are highly vocational and we are the only major provider of part-time Civil Engineering courses at this level in central London.

Making a difference to the infer-structure of people's lives is at the centre of this work. You might be providing a water supply or road network across a less-developed country; refurbishing buildings or rehabilitating inner city areas or working on prestige projects like the Channel tunnel.

Graduates meet the diverse challenges of structural; highway and transportation; water; public health and geotechnical branches of civil engineering to make improvements and create solutions.