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School of Urban Engineering

Our links with industry and government, both in the UK and abroad, are very strong. They bring together a pool of expertise and allow us to carry out research at an international level and attract a diverse student body.

Our activities feature across 3 fields:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Building Services
  • Energy Engineering.

Our Strengths

We have built our reputation over decades.

Our several active research groups bring in funds that continuously keep our facilities in line with latest technologies and enrich our student experience by offering exposure to real-world issues.


Recently we have invested our money and time to further extend our high-quality engineering workshops. Our engineering students use industry-standard lathes and Industry uses us as a centre of excellence and our facilities play a large part in the faculty's knowledge transfer activities for business.

A rare find in London, our Anechoic Chamber is a key piece of equipment in our acoustic and environment testing work. This shielded room thins sound or electromagnetic energy and is used to test radio frequency (RF) and microwaves. It can test loudspeakers for directivity and sound power, undertake binaural recording, test hearing protectors and demonstrate fundamental acoustic principles. We also have 2 sound-proof booths for audiometric screening.

Our interests in building sustainability have led to a collaboration installing solar panels and wind turbines on rooftops surrounding the University and results from this work will be featured at our Centre for Efficient and Renewable Energy in Buildings (CEREB).