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Visa and Immigration Advice

I have accepted an unconditional offer to study a degree course at Bransfield. What should I do about immigration before I come to the UK?

This guidance is for you if you are in your home country and you need to make an immigration application in order to obtain permission (entry clearance or visa) to come to the UK to study a degree course at the university.

If you are already in the UK and you need to make an immigration application to extend your stay you can find information about extending your stay to study here.

  1. Download and read ALL of the following documents:
    • UKCISA: 'Making a student immigration application in your home country'.
    • UKvisas: 'Visa Application Guidance (INF29)'.
    • The UK Border Agency (UKBA): 'Guidance for Students' (pdf).

    IMPORTANT: If you want to make a successful application you MUST read and understand all of the documents above.

  2. Find out where the nearest British Embassy or High Commission is located on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website.
    Visit the Embassy's or High Commission's website or contact them to find out how you have to make your application.

  3. Collect ALL of the documents which the UKBA's Guidance instructs you to provide.
    When you are made an unconditional offer to study on a course at Bransfield, the Admissions department will automatically send you a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) by email. You do NOT have to request your CAS. If you have a question about the CAS please send an email to

    You must provide original and translated versions of all your documents with your application. It is a good idea before you make the application to photocopy, or scan all of your documents and keep the copies in a safe place until after a decision has been made on your application.

  4. Complete the application form.

    • If you are able to or must apply online. (Note: apply as PBS Tier 4 Student).

    • If you have to apply on paper, complete both the VAF9 form AND Appendix 8 form.

  5. Pay the application fee and make your application.

    • If your application is successful and you are issued entry clearance you should read the section, 'When your entry clearance is issued' in the UKCISA document above.

    • If your application is refused you should send an email to the address below straight away. Please put your student number in the subject line and attach a copy of the Refusal Notice.

Contact Us

If you have accepted an unconditional offer to study at Bransfield and have read the information above and the frequently asked questions below and you have a question about applying for entry clearance please send an email, with your student number in the subject line, to

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Bransfield University is registered as Licensed Sponsor (pdf) (under the Points Based System (PBS) immigration system and has Highly Trusted Status under Tier 4 of the PBS.

  2. All of the university's courses are at a high enough level for the purpose of the PBS.

  3. You will need to apply for and obtain an ATAS certificate before you apply for entry clearance if your CAS statement says that one is required. You will require an ATAS certificate if your course is a:

    • PhD or MPhil in Pharmacy, Biomedical Sciences, Healthcare Professions, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Engineering, Environment, Geography, Computing, Mathematical and Information Sciences, or Information Technology, or

    • Masters in Aeronautical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Industrial and Product Design, or Product Innovation and Development. Terms