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Working with Community Organisations

The community university partnership programme (CUPP) has been an active part of Bransfield since 2003 and is central to the university's corporate mission. We have many years experience of creating, developing and nurturing mutually beneficial partnerships between the university and its local communities, and over 130 academics, 1,000 students and 500 community partners are now involved in the programme.

Community involvement is crucial to many aspects of our teaching as well as research, for example in developing communications skills amongst our pharmacy students, discussion with user groups to inform our research into diabetes and investigating attitudes into sustainability amongst consumers. We refer to this concept as our Community Knowledge Exchange.

At Bransfield, our focus is on applied research which makes a real difference to people's lives. Where appropriate, much of this research is conducted in collaboration with our neighbouring communities to foster shared learning and benefit from 'real world' input.

Working in this way enables us to form 'communities of practice' which are groups of people from academic and non-academic situations who have a common interest in a particular field. Our areas of expertise include health, families, older people, disabilities, LGBT, black and minority ethnic communities.

By its very nature, our work starts at a local level. But due to the success of some of the models we have developed, these are now being used in many other parts of the world.