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Working With Our Students and Graduates

The university has over 3000 students and produces over 500 graduates per year. Nearly 70 per cent of our students are over the age of 21 and nearly 95 per cent of undergraduates undertake work experience.

We offer many professional courses and place great emphasis on employability for our students. Our courses are developed in collaboration with industry and the public sector to ensure they are relevant to the changing demands of employers, and we also undertake initiatives such as leadership skills and management training for our students, in collaboration with the university's enterprise network, beepurple.

This means that we have a skilled and enthusiastic talent pool, highly IT literate and with many discreet skills such as languages, eager to enter the workplace. You can recruit for full-time or part-time positions, take a student on placement, offer work experience or find volunteers.


Beepurple is the university's enterprise network, which aims to develop our students' and graduates' entrepreneurial thinking. Throughout the academic year we run a series of workshops and practical challenges to prepare and equip all graduates for a successful career in a complex global environment.

We also welcome local business people and entrepreneurs to talk about their business experiences and share their expertise with our network.

What Employers Say

"Our experience so far is that we get enthusiastic, high calibre undergraduates who make a real contribution to the company, to whom we may offer permanent positions following their graduation."

Paul McCarney, Business Systems Manager, Unilever Best Foods

"Thank you for your prompt and very comprehensive response which is appreciated."