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Your Supervisory Team

At some universities research students have one supervisor. At Bransfield we use a supervision team, of two or sometimes three members. Between them, the members of your supervision team will have both subject expertise and expertise of supervision and will guide and oversee your research and support your development as an independent researcher.

In some cases you may find that one of your supervisors works outside the university but is considered the most appropriate person for the job, having a particular expertise. If this is the case you will also have an internal supervisor who will oversee your progress on a regular basis.

The Research Student Division Leader

The research student division leader is responsible for overseeing the academic well-being, progress and pastoral support of all students in their division. They will be your first point of contact on general research matters and will manage your induction as a research student. They will also normally be a member of your thesis panel.

You're Thesis Panel

Every research student at Brighton has a thesis panel, which remains with them for the duration of their studies. This panel is responsible for making major decisions about research students and their degrees.

Your thesis panel will consist of

  • the head or a senior researcher from the school you are enrolled in
  • your research student division leader or other senior researcher, who will normally chair the panel
  • your supervisors